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Some of the tourist attractions in Costa Rica

Some of the tourist attractions in Costa Rica – The country of Costa Rica is a place that you can find about the wonders of natural tourism, such as volcanoes, beaches, cloud forests, and its unique wildlife. For those of you who like surfing, like wild animals and also luxury travelers. This place is a visit that you can schedule if you want to travel to the country of Costa rica. Usually people call Costa Rica the city of San Jose which is home to the best museums and squares you can enjoy, but the real treasure lies outside the capital city in the forests and small coastal villages.

Some of the tourist attractions in Costa Rica

An endless stretch of Pacific Coast coastline, with small towns catering to surfers and sun seekers. Inland, forest-covered mountains offer adventures of their own, from volcanoes and waterfalls to incredible ziplining and wildlife viewing. Costa Rica also has a coastline in the Caribbean. While this is an area that is rarely visited in the country, it offers something a little different in terms of culture and attractions, and is known in particular as a breeding ground for green turtles.

Don’t miss out on tours in Costa rica

Below are some tourist attractions that you can visit if you go to Costa Rica:

  1. Manuel Antonio National Park
    For those of you who like beaches and also the wild, the Manuel Antonio National Park can be your main destination if you take a trip to Costa Rica.
  2. Arenal Volcano (Volcan Arenal)
    After you are bored with the coastal area, you can go to the volcano arena, which is the most beautiful mountain in Costa Rica.
  3. Monteverde and the Cloud Forest
    If you want to feel walking in the forest, don’t try to miss the monteverde tour where you will feel walking on a cloud forest here.
  4. Dominical
    Dominical is a tropical backpacker’s paradise, with dirt roads, beautiful beaches, cheap accommodation, open-air restaurants and its own unique vibe.
  5. Tamarindo
    Tamarindo is the place on the Nicoya Peninsula to surf, swim and have fun. Once a quiet fishing village, Tamarindo is now a tourist haven where visitors can find good food and accommodation, as well as all kinds of other tourist facilities.
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Opportunity to Live in Costa Rica

Opportunity to Live in Costa Rica

Maybe indeed not everyone thinks they want to transfer citizenship. Only a few people will move and settle. But for holidays, surely many people will choose a vacation to many countries to enjoy the culture and tourism in the country.

Most countries must have government legal rules to stay longer. Even the rules and conditions will certainly be quite difficult to fulfill.

Opportunity to Live in Costa Rica

The country of Costa Rica is a small country. In fact, this country is arguably the same area as the provinces in Indonesia. But even though it is only the third smallest country, this country has become the best choice for tourists.

In Costa Rica you can enjoy views of the city as well as an amazing beach. The wind and the air in Costa Rica are very clean and the city is calm. Not as dense as in Indonesia, so that makes Costa Rica as a country that is quite interesting to visit.

For those of you who have had the idea to relax in another country for a long time, you can choose Costa Rica as your destination. The Government of Costa Rica opens the opportunity for visas of pensioners. You can work and stay longer in Costa Rica with the visa.

To work, you can easily do it anywhere, because Costa Rica has a lot of vacancies that pay 1,000 dollars a month.

Or you can look for other solutions to get money to buy a house that is by playing online slot gambling at one of the best online slot agents namely which already has hundreds of thousands of members and becomes a millionaire

Search for Cheap Houses or Rooms in Costa Rica

But to stay, you can use rent a house in Costa Rica. Arranging home purchases in various countries for foreign residents is not easy. You have to stay longer and apply for a visa and also legal citizenship first to be able to own a house.

Therefore, the best way is to rent hostels or houses. No need to worry, many migrants or tourists who prefer to stay in hostels. The rent is cheaper and security facilities are guaranteed. You can have roommates who may have the same goals as you.

Search for some lodging in the lodging application or can go to the rental section of a house or room around the city. All will be taken care of to completion and you can immediately occupy it.…

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Many Muslims Buy Houses in San Jose, Costa Rica

Many Muslims Buy Houses in San Jose, Costa Rica

As you know Costa Rica is a state of Central America. This country is included in the third smallest country. Although including a small country, Costa Rica is one of the best tourist destinations.

Now we don’t want to talk about the country’s tourist destinations, but about the residential areas that are mostly occupied by Muslims in Costa Rica.

Many Muslims Buy Houses in San Jose, Costa Rica

In Costa Rica it has two Islamic communities, the most of which is in San Jose. The Islamic community is on good terms with other Islamic communities in the Caribbean. Because of the large number of Muslims in the capital city of San Jose, the city is known as the home of Muslims.

In Costa Rica Muslims are a minority religion, the majority of the population there are 70% Catholic. But in that capital a lot of Muslims. There is no division there. Those minorities are highly valued for worship and others.

Due to the large number of Muslim communities in San Jose, various lodgings there are widely rented by them. In addition, most Muslim migrants will choose to occupy or buy a home in the area near San Jose.

Costa Rica Lodging Provides Places of Worship

Costa Rica is indeed a small country, so it’s not surprising that many people already know about San Jose. The local government also does not matter. Many houses are rented or bought by immigrant Muslims or even natives there.

Little by little the majority of the Costa Rican population is converted. Mosques around San Jose are the most visited places for worship and gatherings.

For those of you Muslims who might want to take a vacation, you can stay overnight in the area of ​​San Jose. Lodging in the area is inexpensive and close to the beach. There you can while learning Arabic because many courses are opened near the lodging area.

No need to worry for places of worship, in Costa Rica now various lodging such as hotels also provide places of worship such as prayer rooms for visitors.…

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Rent Cheap Hotels in Costa Rica

Rent Cheap Hotels in Costa Rica

For you readers, surely you are looking for various information about renting lodging in costa rica. Indeed vacation in Costa rica is the most chosen tour by people.

Rent Cheap Hotels in Costa Rica

Not a vacation spot that can be considered cheap, because Costa Rica is already quite famous about tourist destinations. But no need to worry for lodging.

Many types of lodging that you can choose. Usually for those on vacation, you can stay in several places such as rented houses, apartments, or hotels.

But if you want to save money because you only travel with a few people, you can use the hotel for temporary accommodation. Many cheap hotels in Costa Rica. The following will recommend cheap hotels that can be your best choice:

Cabinas Las Olas

This hotel is in the surfing town of Avellenas. The hotel has private bungalows and also a beach boardwalk which is quite amazing. There are also traditional Costa Rica dishes in various hotel restaurants. For those of you who want to relax on the beach or hang out can choose this one lodging.

La Marejada

La Marejada is a hotel not far from the beach in Playa Grande. The hotel has a swimming pool and the best restaurant in the city. By walking, you can find many restaurants and interesting places around it.

Coco Loco Lodge

This inn is in Playa Puerto Viejo. The bungalows offered at this inn are filled with various facilities. And here you can enjoy the beautiful Costa Rican Caribbean beach. This inn is family-friendly, this could be the best lodging choice.

Pachamama Jungle River

Pachamama Jungle River is in Punta Uva. Not only offering bungalow accommodation, there are also villas for larger ones. Breakfast service is also provided for you to enjoy near the beach.

Hostel Pangea

Most people who go to Costa Rica surely know this place. Pangea hostel lodging is quite famous in San Jose. You can meet new friends and enjoy the city in the rooftop lounge. Even though the place is similar to a dormitory, this could be the best choice for backpackers.…

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Copey, Dota Mountains, Costa Rica 15 Hectare (37 Acre) Mountain Paradise Retreat Hobby farm, B & B, and possible sustainable living.


Live in nature’s perfect paradise… Ideal for those looking to get away from it all, to retire in a tranquil setting, to enjoy a one-of-a-kind vacation home, or for those seeking a great business opportunity.

  Set at 2,042 meters in the Dota mountains, 2 hours south of the capital, San Jose, this property is located within a 4,047 hectare preserve and boasts the most gorgeous paradise setting with year-round spring-like temperatures. The 2 bedroom main house sits in its own private and spectacularly picturesque valley, surrounded by a river, 8 ponds, pasture and forest.

The open-concept living room and kitchen area share a massive floor-to-ceiling fireplace creating a warm, cozy atmosphere on cool nights. During the daytime, the French doors open to the terrace revealing a stunning view of the largest pond and the Perez River.

Luxuriate in the soaker tub nestled in a nook of the master bedroom. A loft room, an office, a garage plus storage room and internet connection make this home comfortable for year-round living. Pure, natural springs supply the house water (no chemicals added). Can be sold fully furnished.  

The comfortable 37.2 mē open-concept guesthouse equipped with kitchenette, wood stove, private outdoor shower overlooking the river is ideal for family and friends when they come to visit.

Currently operating as a successful B&B lodge (Please visit Airbnb to read reviews: There is  space and opportunity to expand the Bed and Breakfast business by adding more cabins or possibly building 10 to 15 lodges for permanent residents and creating a self sustainable gated community.  

This property (survey, deed and all legal paperwork available) includes 4 hectares of exquisitely manicured land with organic flower and vegetable gardens, fruit trees, greenhouse, ponds, waterfall and outbuildings. River water (available year-round) is used to irrigate during the dry season to maintain the lush, green grounds.

The Amenities:

A building plot at the top of the property with stunning views of the mountains can be developed or sold as a separate investment opportunity. The plot does not overlook the valley with the main house.

There are 4.2 Hectares of pasture for your own livestock or to be rented out to local farmers.

6.9 Hectares of forest with several beautiful trails. Over 200 bird species inhabit the region. On lucky days, the elusive resplendent Quetzal can be spotted. Enjoy a 2 hour ATV trail ride to the Pacific Ocean beaches. Fresh fruits and vegetables. Stone pizza oven. Like to see more? Please visit our web site
Beautiful Property – Stunning Location $595,000.00  
FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact the owner directly: Kevin Lawrence (US 011+)
(506) 2541 3100
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Beautiful New Balinese Style Home 24/7 Gated And Guarded Community

Atenas, Costa Rica

Located in the gated community of Villa Picaflora.

Land Area 1,000 mē Construction 212 mē This beautiful Balinese design home has 2 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms and a chef’s delight kitchen.

The home is situated facing to the Southwest offering the beautiful Costa Rica sunsets.

The large covered terrace is perfect for entertaining plus a tiled pool with high end Hayward pool equipment and lights.

Built with pride.

The Amenities: 2 On-demand hot water heaters 24/7 Gated and guarded community Very private lot Ample parking
Beautiful Home – Prestigious Location $350,000.00
FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact the builder directly: Sebastien Legault (US 011+) (506) 8306 8300 E-Mail:
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