Many Muslims Buy Houses in San Jose, Costa Rica

Many Muslims Buy Houses in San Jose, Costa Rica

As you know Costa Rica is a state of Central America. This country is included in the third smallest country. Although including a small country, Costa Rica is one of the best tourist destinations.

Now we don’t want to talk about the country’s tourist destinations, but about the residential areas that are mostly occupied by Muslims in Costa Rica.

Many Muslims Buy Houses in San Jose, Costa Rica

In Costa Rica it has two Islamic communities, the most of which is in San Jose. The Islamic community is on good terms with other Islamic communities in the Caribbean. Because of the large number of Muslims in the capital city of San Jose, the city is known as the home of Muslims.

In Costa Rica Muslims are a minority religion, the majority of the population there are 70% Catholic. But in that capital a lot of Muslims. There is no division there. Those minorities are highly valued for worship and others.

Due to the large number of Muslim communities in San Jose, various lodgings there are widely rented by them. In addition, most Muslim migrants will choose to occupy or buy a home in the area near San Jose.

Costa Rica Lodging Provides Places of Worship

Costa Rica is indeed a small country, so it’s not surprising that many people already know about San Jose. The local government also does not matter. Many houses are rented or bought by immigrant Muslims or even natives there.

Little by little the majority of the Costa Rican population is converted. Mosques around San Jose are the most visited places for worship and gatherings.

For those of you Muslims who might want to take a vacation, you can stay overnight in the area of ​​San Jose. Lodging in the area is inexpensive and close to the beach. There you can while learning Arabic because many courses are opened near the lodging area.

No need to worry for places of worship, in Costa Rica now various lodging such as hotels also provide places of worship such as prayer rooms for visitors.